small business search increases around web3, crypto and business expansion


small business search increases around web3, crypto and business expansion

Fiverr International Ltd. (NYSE: FVRR), the world's leading collaboration company, released its Spring 2022 Small Business Needs Index, a collection of popular services based on the highest percentage growth in searches over the past six months. Fiverr Marketplace. Two clear trends have emerged: Web3 is increasing, even for small businesses, and services for business expansion are growing. 

Progressive companies are turning their attention to Web3 as a new opportunity to maximize profits, create immersive gaming marketing, provide customers with an immersive virtual experience and build brand loyalty. On the other hand, the Great Divorce led to a huge increase in entrepreneurship in 2021, with 5.

million of new businesses are starting in the US alone. The growing need for these companies to expand their online reach to customers and continue to innovate has led to an increase in searches for  social media, online video and other services. 

 These are the trending global searches of the last six months: 

Global Data: New Trends

NFT Art, +3,504% Increase in searches

3D Cad Modeling, +297% Increase

Crypto Whitepaper, +248% Increase

Crypto Logo, +185% Increase

Bloxburg House Builder, +181% Increase

Smart Contract, +64% Increase

As companies begin to explore what the Metaverse could mean for them, they may look for ways to recreate office space using 3D Cad modeling or create digital product lines  NFT Art.  (3,504% increase in search). In the US, small businesses are investing in blockchain and smart contracts (64% increase in search) to enable cleaner storage and digitization of records. 

Business expansion and growth Trends

Promotional Video Ad, +453% Increase in searches

Social Media Content Manager, +361% Increase

Logistic Website, +268% Increase, +204% Increase

Video, especially the short form, is very popular  now,  so companies are looking for services like commercial video advertising (53% increase in search) to create compelling content that raises awareness and use social media (361% increase in search) experts. promote them. (up 204% in search),  a no-code solution for web and app development, is a great way for small businesses to continue to innovate after launch. More than 38 million American workers will be out of work by 2021, and many of them are likely to have started new businesses, so they are now looking for ways to grow those businesses and continue their quest for independence and flexibility.

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