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Services - Cyber Intelligence

Services - Cyber Intelligence

Detect and remove digital fraud

Protect your company from phishing, fake social media accounts, data leaks and much more.

The complete record of all infringements including screenshots, domain, whois, provider, artifacts, and other detailed data to support your decision-making.

Pay only for successful takedowns

Removal success on the leading providers

Type :  Digital Fraud

  • Pages that violate trademark rights
  • Fake discount coupons
  • Phishing pages
  • Malware and fake apps
  • Fake social media profiles

Type : Digital piracy

  • Unlawful distribution of official products
  • Fake product offers
  • Piracy of classes, videos and paid content
Managing fraud on your own makes it harder to discover more complex criminal schemes. Find out every time your brand is mentioned on non-indexed forums and groups

DMCA and UDRP takedowns, which are mostly used today?

DMCA takedowns of brand abusers focus on Digital Copyright infringements based on an outdated 2008 law. DMCA takedowns are difficult to execute, because they:
Require site registration, image watermarking, and other maintenance on part of the brand
Are mostly self-service, so following up on fraudulent sites means doing your own investigations, working with legal teams, and presenting the evidence.
Can also be handled through dispute resolution brokers, DNS services, Whois, attorneys, and other third parties - but for a fee
ICANN-based UDRP takedowns focus mostly on URL cybersquatting, so they can be useful to detect potential phish sites before they are live. But these are also slow and cumbersome.

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