OLX Scams - Identify And Be Safe From Such Scams

Jack Sheridan

OLX Scams - Identify And Be Safe From Such Scams

OLX Scams
OLX Scams

Army Personnel OLX scam

A huge network of fraudsters has been formed across the country recently. the scammer contacts the person trying to sell a product on websites or apps like OLX while posing as an Army or Paramilitary employee.

The scammer engages in what appears to be a legitimate conversation with the victim.

Once the parties have reached an agreement on a price, the con artist will say that he is stationed in an area of the nation that is inaccessible and cannot, therefore, come to accept the actual delivery or pay in cash.

People immediately believe the scammer since he claims to be an Indian Army soldier. The fraudster then insists that the victim pays for the item using a payment app like Paytm or Google Pay.

The scammer then pretends to have transferred the stated sum to the seller’s Paytm account by sending the seller a fake screenshot. The seller discovers, however, that they have not received any money. The scammer then plays his final card for the round.

Along the way, he walks the victim through the steps and sends a QR code that he says can be used to get the money. The victim falls for it and instead of receiving the money, scans the QR code and enters the UPI pin.

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