is cjbwerv com a legit or scam online store | cjb werv com reviews


cjbwerv com reviews

According to our manual analysis, we found this website cjbwerv com as a scam site due to the following:

  • Deals offered on the website are too good to be a true kind of offer.
  • Domain is newly registered
  • Scam detection tool shows a Trust score: 0% out of 100 (Data from Scambunkers).
  • Its parent company name which is provided as SAYHI INTERNATIONAL CO., LIMITED is found to be used by multiple scam websites.

 Website Details

URL                            : cjbwerv com

Registration  date        : 2023-02-28(0 years)

IP Address                  :

Email ID                     :

Social Media Links       : Not found

Company Address       : SAYHI INTERNATIONAL CO., LIMITED, England

Trust Score                : 0/100

Positive and Negative highlights of

Website has used noindex metatag, to block from google indexing

The website has the Document Title element

ipv4 configured website

The website does not have a domain-specific email address

The Website does not have DMARC configured (protect domains against abuse in phishing or spoofing attacks)

Encrypted HTTPS connection

The SSL certificate is valid

The website is not popular

The website is very recent (less than 3 months)

country of origin is considered at risk

website is owned by a Chinese company

cjbwerv com reviews
cjbwerv com reviews

We hope this review helped you to understand this website. We request to people who have purchased from this website, share their experiences in the comment box.

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