paypal pixel scam explained

Jack Sheridan

paypal pixel scam explained

paypal pixel scam explained
paypal pixel scam explained 

Received a PayPal email invoice about a Google Pixel phone that you never ordered? 

The PayPal pixel scam is a new type of phishing scam that uses fake invoices to trick PayPal users call the fake PayPal customer service telephone number (1-808-320-5276). The scammers send out emails that appear to be from PayPal, claiming that the recipient has received an invoice for a purchase they did not make. The email contains a link to view the invoice, which takes the user to a fake PayPal login page.

Phishing scams like the PayPal pixel scam can be devastating to victims, resulting in loss of funds and identity theft. Remember to always be cautious when receiving unsolicited emails and to never click on any suspicious links or make calls to scammers. Stay safe and secure online!


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