Fake Lane Bryant Clothing Online Stores Scam explained

Jack Sheridan

Lane Bryant Clothing
Lane Bryant Clothing

Lane Bryant Inc., a well-known retailer specializing in women's plus-size clothing, has unfortunately become a target for scammers who create fake online stores. These deceptive websites imitate the official Lane Bryant site, offering heavily discounted prices to lure unsuspecting customers. 

What is the Fake Lane Bryant Online Stores?

The Lane Bryant fake online stores scam involves the creation of counterfeit websites that closely resemble the genuine Lane Bryant website. These fraudulent sites use the same logos, designs, images, and product descriptions, making it challenging to distinguish them from the official store. Their primary goal is to deceive customers and steal personal and financial information. Some notable examples of fake Lane Bryant online stores include jacketris.com, beaiftyi.com, slenderis.com, tmclearance.shop, derpon.com, caalmer.com, negoream.com, giveslip.com, and many others.

How Does The Lane Bryant Fake Online Stores Scam Work?

The scammers behind these fake online stores use various tactics to promote their websites, such as posting fake ads on popular social media platforms like Facebook. Once customers visit these counterfeit websites, they are prompted to select products, provide shipping and billing details, and make payments using credit cards or other methods. However, after the transaction, customers receive neither order confirmation emails nor tracking numbers. Some unfortunate victims discover unauthorized credit card charges or receive products they never ordered.

Contacting customer service is of no use, with little to no response, and any replies may be automated or evasive. Moreover, the provided phone numbers and addresses are usually invalid or unrelated. Consequently, victims are left feeling helpless, having lost their money with no way of getting it back or obtaining the products they purchased.


As an online shopper, it is vital to remain vigilant and informed about the risks posed by fake online stores, particularly the Lane Bryant scam. By employing deceptive tactics, scammers can trick customers into divulging personal and financial information, leading to monetary loss and potential identity theft.

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To protect yourself, it is crucial to verify the authenticity of websites, read reviews and ratings, use secure payment methods, and promptly report any fraudulent activity. Stay vigilant and take the necessary precautions to enjoy a safe online shopping experience.

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