Review: Is it scam or a Legitimate Store?

Jack Sheridan

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foreey com reviews

Welcome to our in-depth review of, a website that claims to offer clearance sales from the popular home goods retailer, Kroger. In this article, we will delve into the details to help you determine whether is a legitimate online shop or potentially a scam. Our analysis of various factors raises concerns about the website's credibility and trustworthiness. Read on to learn more about the red flags we discovered during our investigation. A Scam Online Shop operates as a scam online shop, utilizing the logo and name of Kroger to deceive customers into making purchases that they will never receive. The website falsely claims that all Kroger stores are closing down and offers new merchandise at discounted prices. However, these claims are entirely baseless and are part of their scam strategy.

Red Flags

  1. Limited Accessibility: One of the major red flags is that can only be accessed from a mobile device. If users attempt to access the website from a non-mobile device, they are redirected to a different site called This practice raises concerns about the credibility of the website and its intentions.
  2. Inclusion in a Blacklist: has been identified and included in blacklists maintained by security companies and scam baiters. These blacklists are compiled to warn users about potentially fraudulent websites, indicating that has been flagged as suspicious.
  3. Non-Domain-Specific Email Address: The email address provided by,, is not domain-specific, which further raises doubts about the legitimacy of the website. Legitimate businesses typically use email addresses associated with their own domain.
  4. Unauthorized Logo Usage: Our investigation revealed that is using Kroger's logo without authorization. This indicates a clear attempt to mislead customers into believing that they are dealing with the genuine Kroger website, further confirming the deceptive nature of
  5. Recent Registration Date: was registered as a domain on May 22, 2023, which is a relatively recent date. Scam websites often have short lifespans, and the recent registration date adds to the suspicion surrounding
  6. No Active Social Media Links: Another cause for concern is the absence of active social media links associated with Legitimate businesses usually have an active social media presence, which allows customers to interact and engage with the brand. The lack of such links further casts doubt on the authenticity of the website.


Based on our comprehensive analysis, is undoubtedly a scam website. The deceptive practices, unauthorized logo usage, limited accessibility, inclusion in blacklists, recent registration date, and absence of active social media links collectively indicate that cannot be trusted. It is crucial to exercise caution and avoid making any purchases from this website to protect yourself from potential fraud.

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Disclaimer: The information provided in this blog post is based on an analysis conducted at the time of writing. If you discover any information afterwards that differs from this blog post, it signifies that this online retailer has modified some information.

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