signifi sale llc Walmart Sale: Scam or Legit?

Jack Sheridan
signifi sale llc
signifi sale llc

Recently, there was a lot of buzz in the home arcade community and among Arcade One Up fans as amazing sales seemed to pop up on Walmart's website. Excitement was in the air as people rushed to grab fantastic deals on their favorite cabinets like the XLS, Shinko Hadouken, NFL Blitz, and Toy Shock products. However, before you get too thrilled, there's something you need to know – these sales might not be what they seem.

is signifisalestore shop scam or signifisalestore shop legit?

You might have seen the posts flooding Twitter, Facebook, and other platforms, all about the unbelievable clearance sales on Arcade One Up cabinets at Walmart. Now, we've seen Walmart offer great discounts during new stock arrivals in the past, so it seemed plausible. However, this time, something felt off.

The prices were jaw-droppingly good – the NBA Jam XL for just $200, the Capcom Shinko Hadouken Legacy cabinet for a mere $120 (originally available only in Canada for over a thousand dollars), NFL Blitz for $200, and Toy Shock cabinets for $200 as well. But as eager customers started to dig deeper, they noticed a peculiar pattern.

The products were not being sold by Walmart directly; instead, they were listed by a third-party seller called "Signify Sale LLC." What raised even more suspicion was the seller's listed address, which appeared to be linked to a questionable location – a motel in Titusville, Florida.

Now, if that wasn't enough to raise eyebrows, things took a darker turn. All the orders were being shipped under the exact same tracking information. That's right; every single order had the same tracking number, which is highly unusual for legitimate sales.

As the doubts grew, many in the community started to believe that this might indeed be a scam. To make matters worse, the seller's website, "" featured a range of products, not just arcade cabinets, adding to the suspicion.

Concerned customers promptly reached out to Walmart for clarification, and the retail giant assured them that they were investigating the matter and that customers would receive full refunds if necessary. It was comforting to know that Walmart had their backs, but the whole situation still left a sour taste in everyone's mouth.

The estimated delivery date for these orders was set for Tuesday, August 1st. So, the waiting game began. Some customers decided to cancel their orders immediately, not wanting to take any risks, while others decided to hold on and see if they got lucky.

If you or anyone you know might have been affected by this potential scam, make sure to reach out to Walmart and keep an eye out for any updates on the situation.

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  1. Bought a kayak from them and they never actually shipped it. They will not respond to messages. Total scam. Now fighting to get my money back from walmart.

  2. Any updates on this? Any idea who these guys are?

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