beopups scam - Fake UPS Redelivery Website

Jack Sheridan

beopups scam
beopups scam

beopups[.]com is an scam website that cunningly mimics the authentic UPS website.  By replicating UPS's design and logo, scammers aim to deceive visitors into believing they are on the genuine UPS site. It is essential to recognize that beopups[.]com has no affiliation with UPS whatsoever. This fraudulent domain name was registered on 2023-04-17 by an anonymous entity using a privacy service to conceal their true identity and location.

The perpetrators of the beopups com scam employ a mass messaging technique, randomly sending out text messages to countless recipients, claiming to be from UPS. These messages often include a tracking number, enticing the recipients to click on a hyperlink provided in the text.

One telltale sign of the beopups scam is the fictitious tracking number included in the text messages. these tracking numbers bear no relation to any actual package. the sole purpose of this deceit is to lure recipients into clicking on the malicious hyperlink.

Clicking on the link redirects victims to the fraudulent beopups[.]com website. Here, individuals are prompted to enter sensitive personal information, including their name, address, phone number, email address, and even credit card details. The scammers justify this request by falsely claiming that it is necessary to confirm shipping information and avoid potential delays or extra charges.

If you receive a text message claiming to be from UPS, especially if it contains a tracking number, exercise caution. UPS usually contacts customers through official channels, such as email or physical mail, rather than text messages.

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