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five guys email
five guys email

Recently, there has been buzz about a supposed email involving Five Guys, a popular burger and fries chain. Several users reported receiving emails claiming that their Five Guys account email had been changed. However, many were quick to notice discrepancies within the email. The most apparent issue was that their email addresses had been altered to names they didn't recognize, and the email content itself appeared questionable.

Email  Content:

"Hi Erika,

This email confirms that the email address on file has been changed on your account. Please use the new email address to login from now onwards.

This email has been sent to your old e-mail address as a security measure.

Please note that upon changing your email address any credit card details stored will be cleared. This is for your security and to protect your account.

If you did not change your email, please let us know. Forward this email to


Five Guys"

Five Guys' Response

Five Guys swiftly took action upon learning about this situation. They publicly addressed the issue on social media platforms, assuring their customers that the email was not from them. They also stated that they were actively investigating the matter.

Analyzing the Email

One notable aspect of this suspicious email was that it lacked the typical malicious links or attachments often associated with phishing attempts. Instead, it displayed an email address ending in "" This is an unusual characteristic for scam emails.

Upon further investigation, it was discovered that the email was sent via "" Olo is a legitimate company specializing in restaurant technology integrations. This raised questions about whether the email might have been sent in error by this third-party provider.

Similar Incidents 

In the past, even reputable companies have accidentally sent out emails that appeared suspicious.


As of now, the Five Guys email incident remains a mystery, but it doesn't appear to pose an immediate threat. However, it's always better to err on the side of caution. If you receive an email that seems suspicious, don't click any links or provide personal information. 

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