glamozen email scam: package coming from amazon

Jack Sheridan

glamozen email scam
glamozen email scam

A recent wave of fraudulent emails has surfaced, targeting unsuspecting individuals with false promises of packages purportedly coming from Amazon. These scams have the potential to trick people into revealing sensitive personal information and even their credit card details. 

The Glamozen Email Scam Explained

Many users have reported receiving emails from an address seemingly affiliated with USPS: 1-800-usps@glamozen[.]com. These emails claim that a package has been reverted and include a hyperlink for recipients to click on. However, upon clicking the link, victims are redirected to a fake USPS website.

Once on the fake website, individuals are prompted to provide sensitive personal information such as their name, address, phone number, email address, and even credit card details. Scammers employ a deceptive justification for this request, claiming that the information is needed to confirm shipping details and prevent potential delays or extra charges.


In conclusion, the Glamozen email scam preys on individuals' trust and curiosity by promising packages and using the guise of USPS.  By replicating USPS's design and logo, scammers aim to deceive visitors into believing they are on the genuine USPS site. 

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  1. Thank you. Came caross this scam also.

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