John Blue Scam - video footage email scam

Jack Sheridan

john blue scam
john blue scam

The John Blue scam involves receiving an email from an unknown sender, claiming that your device has been infected with a private trojan, granting them access to your camera and microphone. The scammer alleges to have recorded explicit video footage of you while watching adult content. To prevent the release of the video to your contacts, the scammer demands a payment of $950 USD in Bitcoin to a specified wallet address.

The John Blue scam primarily relies on inducing fear and exploiting personal information to convince recipients of its authenticity. The scammer claims to have infected the victim's device with a Remote Administration Tool (R.A.T), granting them access to the camera and microphone. Moreover, the scammer shows familiarity with the recipient's password, further fueling the fear and making the scam appear legitimate.

However, it is important to note that the authenticity of the claimed trojan infection and the existence of compromising videos remain unsubstantiated. Many victims reported receiving emails from various addresses bearing the same pseudonym "John Blue." The scammer might have obtained some personal information from data leaks, making the email seem more convincing.


The John Blue scam is a malicious attempt to exploit fear and coerce recipients into making payments. It preys on individuals' anxieties by claiming to have compromising video footage and accessing personal information. 

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