spar 60th birthday scam explained - spar WhatsApp scam

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spar 60th birthday scam
spar 60th birthday scam

Scammers are finding new ways to exploit people's trust and curiosity for their own gain. One such example is the Spar 60th Birthday WhatsApp scam, which disguises itself as the familiar Spar supermarket chain. This scam operates by using clever tactics to manipulate individuals into sharing personal information and financial details.

The Spar 60th Birthday scam employs a deceptive technique known as the chain-letter method. Scammers spread their fraudulent messages through the WhatsApp platform, taking advantage of the relationships between friends and acquaintances. These messages often appear to come from people you know, making them seem more credible.

The scam messages are carefully crafted to grab your attention. They might promise enticing rewards, such as cash prizes or gift cards from reputable brands like Spar. When you click on the provided link, you're taken to a page that invites you to participate in a short survey. 

To make the scam even more convincing, scammers use JavaScript code to validate your interaction with the page, particularly on mobile devices. Once you've completed the survey, you're congratulated for your participation, and you're asked to choose from a set of boxes. Interestingly, the second box always contains a prize, intensifying the feeling that you're a winner.

To claim your supposed prize, you're instructed to share the message about the draw with 20 of your friends on WhatsApp. This step serves to propagate the scam further, spreading it to more unsuspecting individuals. However, the plot thickens. After you've shared the message, you're redirected to yet another page. Here, you're asked to provide personal information and credit card details for the supposed prize delivery payment. Unfortunately, this is a trap.


In conclusion, the Spar 60th Birthday WhatsApp scam preys on people's trust and curiosity to exploit their personal information and financial security. By staying vigilant and following these precautions, you can protect yourself from falling victim to such scams and help spread awareness among your friends and family.

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