benoit dageville scam email Explained

Jack Sheridan

benoit dageville scam email
benoit dageville scam email 

Philanthropy emails are a constant annoyance in our digital lives, and spammers seem to have mastered the art of preying on our vulnerabilities.  Scammers goal is simple: reach as many people as possible to lure a few gullible individuals into their traps. 

Analyzing the benoit dageville scam Email

Let's now analyze a recent benoit dageville scam email that's making the rounds. The email is from someone claiming to be Benoit Dageville, who gained wealth following Snowflake's IPO in September 2020. Mr. Dageville talks about his newfound wealth and the responsibility he feels to give back. He mentions a $100 Million fund he created to distribute wealth randomly to individuals.

Key Tactics in the Spam Email

  • Emotional Appeal: The spam email attempts to evoke emotions like responsibility, justice, and equity. It cites the famous "With great power comes great responsibility" quote from Spiderman's uncle, appealing to the reader's sense of moral duty.
  • Generosity: The email promises to give $1 Million to the recipient without any reason. This promise of free money is a classic tactic to lure unsuspecting victims.
  • Urgency: The spammer adds urgency by emphasizing that recipients should reply with their personal information promptly.
  • Random Selection: Claiming that recipients have been chosen randomly aims to create a sense of fairness and legitimacy.
  • Idealistic Language: The email employs idealistic language, mentioning a "fight for a world where all can have the same chance to build a good life." This aligns with contemporary ideals but serves as a smokescreen for the scam.


If you have received an benoit dageville scam email, you may be the target of a phishing scam. These types of scams, also known as email scams, are designed to trick people into sharing sensitive information or sending money.


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