evri@evri-hub-id.com Email Scam - What You Need To Know

Jack Sheridan

evri email scam
evri email scam

The evri@evri-hub-id.com email address is being used by scammers to send out fraudulent emails. These fraudulent emails pretend to be from the delivery company Evri (formerly known as Hermes) and claim there is an issue with a parcel delivery. They often include a link that, if clicked, can lead to Fake Evri website designed to  harvest your  personal information like names, addresses, phone numbers, and even credit card details .

Recognizing the evri@evri-hub-id.com email Scam

It's essential to be vigilant when receiving emails, especially those related to parcel deliveries. Here are some key indicators that can help you identify the evri@evri-hub-id.com scam:

Generic Greetings: Scam emails often address recipients generically as "Dear Customer" rather than using your name.

Fake Reference Numbers: The email may include a fake Evri reference number to make it appear legitimate.

Urgent Action Required: Scammers use urgency as a tactic, pressuring you to act quickly by claiming that your parcel will be returned to the shipper if you don't comply immediately.

Suspicious Links: The email will contain a link supposedly leading to a resolution of the delivery problem. However, this link takes you to a fake website designed to mimic the real Evri site.


The evri@evri-hub-id.com email scam is a phishing scam. It pretends to be from a delivery company called Evri (which used to be called Hermes). But, it's not really from them. Instead, it's a scam trying to steal your personal information and credit card details.

This kind of scam is pretty common, especially when lots of people are getting packages, like during the holidays. So, be careful with emails like these because they're trying to trick you.


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