is face of horror scam? Face of horror contest details

Jack Sheridan
face of horror scam
face of horror scam

You may have come across advertisements for a 'Face of Horror' featuring Kane Hodder. The Winner stands to win a prize package that includes $13,000 cash prize, a three-night stay at the iconic Buffalo Bill's house from "The Silence of the Lambs," a photo shoot with legendary horror figure Kane Hodder.

The Voting System

To secure victory in the competition, participants had three avenues to accumulate votes: free votes, plus one votes (available for a fee), and paid votes. While free votes were easy to gather from friends and family, it became apparent that purchasing votes was almost a prerequisite for winning. This raised suspicions among contestants and observers alike.

The Charitable Angle

Adding a noble touch to the competition, it was claimed that a portion of the proceeds from the paid votes would be directed towards the B+ charity, a commendable organization supporting families facing childhood cancer. Yet, the fine print revealed a different story. Contrary to the initial impression, participants were explicitly informed that buying votes did not constitute a charitable donation, and these purchases were not tax-deductible. Only 25% of the net proceeds from votes purchased would go to the charity, leaving an unsettling 75% unaccounted for.


In retrospect, the "Face of Horror" competition serves as a cautionary tale for all online contest enthusiasts. It underscores the importance of meticulously scrutinizing the fine print, questioning the credibility of organizers, and evaluating whether a competition aligns with your values. If want to share your thoughts, please do so in the comments. 


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  1. Wy does FACE OF HORROR 2023 contest have multiple 1st place contestants at the same time?? MULTIPLE 2nd place, MULTIPLE 3rd place, etc, etc. I have the proof.

    1. Are you entered in this recent one? Let's compare notes.

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