Is the Remote job from Rethink Advertising Media Scam or Legit?


Rethink Advertising Media Scam
Rethink Advertising Media Scam

In the current job market, it's essential for job seekers to stay vigilant and be aware of potential scams targeting their desperation and anxiety. Recently, an email claiming to be from Rethink Advertising Media offered a remote position with attractive benefits and a high pay rate. However, upon closer inspection, many red flags were discovered, indicating that this could be a potential hiring scam. 

Rethink Advertising Media Scam Email

Several job seekers reported receiving an email from Rethink Advertising Media, notifying them that their resumes had been reviewed and they were being considered for a remote position. The email instructed candidates to contact the Assistant Hiring Manager on Signal Messenger for an interview. While the offer appeared enticing, with a generous pay rate of $24 per hour and comprehensive benefits, further investigation revealed alarming conditions and requests.

Red Flags and Warning Signs

Messaging App Requirement: Scammers may insist on using unconventional communication methods, such as downloading a specific messaging app, to schedule interviews or conduct job-related discussions. This tactic can be an attempt to gather personal information or move the conversation away from more traceable communication channels like email.

Unrealistic Pay: Scammers often dangle the promise of an unusually high salary to lure job seekers. In some cases, the pay offered far exceeds the industry average for similar positions, which should raise red flags.

Grammar and Communication Issues: While not definitive proof of a scam, poor grammar or unusual email sign-offs can be indicators of a fraudulent job offer. Some scammers may not pay close attention to these details.

Unusual Policies and Conditions: The provided Policy and Conditions document raises concerns. Some clauses, such as employees having to purchase equipment from a specific vendor and paying for shipping fees, are atypical and may indicate a scam.


The remote job scam email claiming to be from Rethink Advertising Media Scam exhibits several red flags, including Upfront payment, unusual policies, and poor communication channels. By recognizing these warning signs and following the suggested precautions, job seekers can safeguard themselves against potential scams. 

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