ketopur scam - ketopur charge on debit card

ketopur scam - ketopur charge on debit card
ketopur scam

It's not uncommon to receive notifications about charges on your debit card. However, some notifications may leave you puzzled, like the one from ketopur. If you've recently received a notification regarding a charge from ketopur on your debit card and are wondering what it's all about, you've come to the right place.

What is the ketopur Charge?

Many users have been charged multiple times on their debit card by a company or website called "ketopur," and the charges vary in amounts. This situation raises concerns about potential fraudulent or unauthorized transactions. There were four charges: $59.95, $119.95, $159.95, and $199.95.

What Should You Do?

f you did not authorize these charges or if you believe that you are a victim of a scam, it is crucial to take immediate action:

Contact your bank: Notify your bank or financial institution about these unauthorized charges. They can guide you through the dispute process and may be able to assist in reversing the charges.

Investigate ketopur: Try to contact ketopur's customer service or support to inquire about the charges. You may also want to look for reviews or complaints online to see if others have experienced similar issues with this company.

Document everything: Keep records of all your communication with your bank, ketopur, or any other relevant parties. This documentation can be valuable if you need to provide evidence of the unauthorized charges.

Consider blocking the card: If you suspect that your debit card information has been compromised, it may be wise to request a new card from your bank and block the current one to prevent further unauthorized transactions.


Receiving a notification about a declined transaction from ketopur can be confusing, but it's essential to address it promptly.  Similar Suspicious charges such as Chastain Charge, Broadway Santa Monica, Google Amazon Mobile Charge, Albright Way Charge, Stabler Clinic, and Beale Street Charge's have appeared on bank statements.

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