review: is it a amazon product tester job scam?

Jack Sheridan
primetesterjobs com legit
primetesterjobs com legit

Have you ever come across a job posting called "Amazon Product Tester" that promises to pay you for trying out Amazon products? Maybe you've seen it on social media or in a video advertisement. Well, it's important to know that this job isn't directly offered by Amazon; instead, it's provided by third-party companies.

Since it's not an official Amazon job, there are scammers out there who create fake job listings for this role. They trick people into applying and then steal their personal information. But how does this job really work, and how can you tell if a job posting is genuine or a scam?

What Is an Amazon Product Tester?

Even though the job title, "Amazon Product Tester," may make you think it's offered by Amazon itself, that's not the case. Amazon does not have a program called the "Amazon Product Tester," where selected shoppers can review Amazon products and share their honest opinions.

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How Does the Scam Work?

If you visit, you'll find a page asking for your email address, along with a button saying, "Become an Amazon Product Tester." If you click that button, you'll be redirected to other survey websites that will ask you to do things like complete offers, subscribe to services, download apps, or provide your personal information. These websites are not connected to Amazon, and they won't pay you for testing any products.

The people behind make money by earning commissions from these spam and survey websites for every person they send their way. They also gather your email address and personal details, which they may sell to other scammers. These scammers could use your information for identity theft, phishing, spamming, or other harmful activities. So, it's crucial to be cautious when encountering such job offers online.


To conclude, is a scam website that offering fake jobs as Amazon Product Testers. scammers create fake job listings and trick people into filling out applications. The people behind make money by earning commissions from survey websites for every person they send their way.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this blog post is based on an analysis conducted at the time of writing. If you discover any information afterward that differs from this blog post, it signifies that this online retailer has modified some information.

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