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stevie ray vinyl scam
stevie ray vinyl scam

Well-known vinyl store owner, Stevie Ray, who has been battling a serious illness and recently had to close his store. Unfortunately, scammers have seized this opportunity to exploit both his reputation and unsuspecting users.

Recently, Stevie Ray himself posted on his facebook page "If you see any ad selling vinyl under my name, it is a scam, and you will get ripped off. Someone has stolen my logo, and name. I am only selling 45’s on Discogs. I am reporting to the FBI. This is the scam company."

It became clear that scammers had shamelessly exploited Stevie Ray's  and his store's closure by replicating his logo, all in an attempt to deceive unsuspecting buyers.

What's even more concerning is the nature of the scam. Scammers have been selling multi-disc box sets, including albums by iconic artists like Guns N Roses, Tom Petty, and others, for an unbelievably low price of $6.99 per piece. This low price is bait to lure in music lovers who might not think twice about making a purchase, especially when they believe they are helping someone in need.

In response to this scam, Stevie Ray has taken immediate action by reporting the incident to the FBI. He's determined to put a stop to this exploitation and protect his loyal customers from being deceived.


To conclude,  fraudsters impersonated the Stevie Ray Vinyl store, using his logo, to deceive unsuspecting vinyl collectors into purchasing fake records at unrealistically low prices. Stevie Ray himself has taken action by reporting the scam to the FBI. This incident serves as a stark reminder to remain vigilant in the vinyl community, verifying the authenticity of sellers. 

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