Tiger Woods TaylorMade RBZ Speed lite clubs giveaway scam

Jack Sheridan

Tiger Woods TaylorMade RBZ Speed lite clubs giveaway scam
Tiger Woods TaylorMade RBZ Speed lite clubs giveaway scam

Golf enthusiasts and fans of golfing legend Tiger Woods beware; there is a scam being circulated on social media that could put their savings at Risk. Scammers are posing as Tiger Woods and Golf club manufacturer TaylorMade, claiming to be offering free RBZ speed light club sets to people who successfully answer three simple questions about golf game.

The video, promoted on Facebook and possibly on Instagram, leads users to a website called glowelectrify.com. Though the website claims to be Golf Digest and offers a limited number of club sets for a small shipping and handling fee, it is a hidden subscription scam that will charge users more than just the shipping and handling fee. It is essential to note that the website, glowelectrify.com, is not affiliated with Tiger Woods or TaylorMade.

The website also mentions golfing star Rory McIlroy, which reveals that the scam may use his name as well. On top of this, the website asks unsuspecting users for their personal information and directs users to another website called elite monthly prize.com. The terms and conditions of the website reveal that it is a sweepstakes scam with an entry period and comes from Patriot Sweepstakes LLC.

As an informed consumer, it's essential to understand that the glowelectrify.com website is a hidden subscription scam and should not be trusted. Consumers should not sign up for this scam and should be wary of any giveaways or promotions that seem too good to be true. If you encounter this or any scam online or on social media, report it to the concerned authorities, delete it immediately, and share the information with others to help protect them from falling victims to such scams.

To avoid falling prey to scams, it is best to buy your golfing equipment from trusted sources like TaylorMade's website or authorized dealers. Be sure to stay informed about the latest scams affecting your region and remain vigilant to avoid becoming a victim. Remember, if it's too good to be true, it probably is.

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  1. just saw one on Instagram.. Tiger's voice doesn't sound like his voice at all.. scammers

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