air canada gift card scam - two free tickets WhatsApp Message

Jack Sheridan

air canada gift card scam
air canada gift card scam

Air Canada, the renowned airline, has been in business for over eight decades. While they've certainly provided countless travelers with great experiences, they're not giving away free tickets, especially not through shady WhatsApp messages. If you've received a message promising two free business class tickets to celebrate Air Canada's 81st anniversary, don't fall for it. In this blog post, we'll uncover the details of this air canada gift card scam and guide you on how to protect yourself.

  • The Deceptive WhatsApp Message:The scam starts with a WhatsApp message that appears tempting. It says, "Hello, Air Canada is giving 2 FREE Business class tickets to all, To celebrate their 81st anniversary, Click here to get yours." The catch? It's a hoax.
  • The Scammer's Strategy: The scammers behind this message instruct the receiver to share the message with 20 friends in order to qualify for the free tickets. However, there's no real giveaway; it's all a ploy to deceive innocent people.
  • The Fake Questionnaire Website: When users click the provided link, they are redirected to a questionnaire website. Here's the trick – the questions on this page are not saved anywhere, and the countdown timer and the number of tickets remaining are fabricated. A closer look at the source code reveals that everything is generated and not linked to any legitimate source.
  • The Bogus Facebook Feed: The deception doesn't stop there. The webpage displays what appears to be a Facebook feed with user comments. However, none of these images or comments are real; they are just lines of code added to create a false sense of authenticity.
  • What Happens When You Click the Link: If you fell for this scam and provided personal information to "access your free ticket," your data might be at risk. Scammers can use this information for subsequent attacks directed at you or your email account.

Protecting Yourself

The best course of action is to safeguard your device and personal information. Here's what you should do if you've clicked the link:

  • Run an Anti-Virus Check: Perform a thorough anti-virus check on your device to ensure that no malicious software has been installed.
  • Run an Anti-Malware Check: In addition to the anti-virus check, run an anti-malware scan to identify and remove any potential threats.
  • Change Your Passwords: If you provided personal information, change your passwords. However, only do this after running the anti-virus and anti-malware checks to ensure your device is secure.


Air Canada is not handing out free tickets through WhatsApp messages. Scammers are using the airline's reputation to trick people into revealing personal and financial information. 

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