Fake Chrome Update: You need to update your browser to view the content

Jack Sheridan

Fake Chrome Update
Fake Chrome Update

Imagine a typical day of internet browsing. You're engrossed in exploring a website, when a pop-up appears, urging you to update your Chrome browser. You click the update button, as any responsible internet user would, to stay secure and up-to-date. Little do you know that you've fallen into a well-orchestrated trap.

The Trap

If you had run this seemingly innocent browser update, you would have unknowingly opened the floodgates to hackers. The update isn't what it seems; it's a wolf in sheep's clothing. Once executed, your online accounts, saved passwords, and logged-in sites become vulnerable to theft. The stolen information can end up on the dark web, and your digital life can turn into a nightmare.

The malevolent actor behind this threat is the Luma Stealer, an information stealer developed in the SE language. This dangerous malware has been circulating since August 2022 and is available as a "malware-as-a-service" model on Russian-speaking forums. It targets cryptocurrency wallets, leaving victims at risk of losing their fortunes.

How the Attack Works

The attackers compromise legitimate websites, embedding concealed JavaScript code that fetches the malware from a server under their control. The complexity of the attack makes detection challenging, especially for average users who might not recognize the signs of a malicious update.

The Cycle of Compromised Sites

A chilling aspect of this threat is that even well-intentioned, legitimate websites can be hacked and then restored to their safe state. It's an ongoing cycle, as new sites are continuously infected.

Protecting Yourself

Staying informed and vigilant is the best defence against these threats. Avoid using your computer as a 2FA device, and ensure that your cryptocurrency wallets are stored securely. Also, consider using web extensions, which can protect you from phishing links, scams, and monitor for stolen credentials.

How to Remove Fake Chrome Update

To effectively remove the Seismic Waves Card scam from your system, follow these steps:

  • Open your browser's settings and select "More Tools" (or "Add-ons," depending on your browser).
  • Click on the "Extensions" tab.
  • Look for the unfamiliar extension
  • Remove unfamiliar extension by clicking on the Trash Bin icon next to its name.

In conclusion, Deceptive browser update pop-ups like You need to update your browser to view the content, can lead to disastrous consequences if you're not careful. Luma Stealer and similar threats are lurking, waiting for their next victim. Stay informed, stay secure, and be cautious of the pop-ups that demand your trust.


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