free coleman tent scam - Home Depot Giveaway Email Exposed

Jack Sheridan

free coleman tent scam
free coleman tent scam

In recent times, many unsuspecting users received an enticing email, claiming that Home Depot was generously giving away "slightly damaged" Coleman camping tents for free. The catch? Customers were required to pay a seemingly nominal shipping and handling charge. It sounded like a fantastic deal, but as the saying goes, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

When curious recipients clicked on the link provided in the email, they were redirected to a website called Here, the headline read, "Score a Coleman Tent: Home Depot Gives Away Slightly Damaged Units with Minor Packaging Issues!" An offer that appeared too good to pass up.

Below, there was a questionnaire waiting for users. Once the questionnaire was filled out, the next step was a redirection to Here, the message was clear: "Coleman Tent, pay only $9.96, and only 1 left in stock." But the truth was far from what it seemed.

This was no genuine giveaway, but rather a cleverly concealed subscription scam. Behind the enticing offer lurked recurring monthly fees, hidden in the terms and conditions. What made matters worse was that the names and logos of Home Depot and Coleman were being used without their permission, adding a layer of deceit.

Delving into the fine print on, it became evident that no one had actually won anything. Instead, this was described as a "raffle entry" giveaway, accompanied by substantial hidden costs. The critical sections of the terms and conditions are highlighted below:

In essence, once you entered, you were unwittingly signing up for a monthly auto-subscription unless you took action to cancel. If you found yourself dissatisfied, you could contact their customer service department at +1 833-239-5979.

In another part of the terms, there was a cryptic mention that users could enter for free by emailing with the subject line, "Offer Entry." This raises concerns about the legitimacy of the entire operation.

What's even more disconcerting is that the websites involved, namely,, and, appeared to lack homepages, further casting doubt on their credibility.

In conclusion, the "Free Coleman Tent Scam" exposed here serves as a cautionary tale. Always exercise caution when encountering too-good-to-be-true offers in your inbox, especially when they involve paying upfront fees. Home Depot, a reputable company, would never engage in such dubious practices. Tags: coleman free tent giveaway 2023, is coleman giving away tents for free, is coleman giving away free tents, coleman tent giveaway on facebook legit, coleman tent giveaway walmart, free coleman tent scam, is the free coleman tent giveaway legit, free coleman tent giveaway, free coleman tent legit, is coleman giving away free tents,


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