idp administrator email scam with login details

Jack Sheridan

idp administrator email scam
idp administrator email scam

Recently, I encountered a suspicious email with the subject line "IDP Administrator: Your login credentials." This email raised several red flags, and I want to share my experience to help you stay vigilant and protect your personal information.

Email Details

I received a pair of emails, that first contained a username that oddly matched a username I have used, and the second email provided a temporary password. What struck me as unusual was the absence of any clickable links in the emails.

Contacting the Company 

Doubtful of the email's authenticity, I decided to call the phone number provided. The only options were to report a lost or stolen card or enter a 16-digit card number. Since I didn't have a card from this company, I had to choose the former. During the call, the representative identified the company as Dash prepaid card and acknowledged the issue. According to him, a system glitch had led to these emails, and they should be disregarded.

FIS Global and USA Connect

To verify the legitimacy of the email, I conducted some research. The email address seemed to belong to FIS Global, a legitimate financial services company. However, FIS Global has had past issues with scammers using their email address. There was little information available about "USA Connect," the sender of the email, but a Google search of the provided phone number indicated that it was associated with a PrePaid Card line.


In conclusion, the "IDP Administrator: Your login credentials" email is a potential scam. Considering the peculiar circumstances and the lack of clear information, I strongly believe that this is a scam. It's essential to be cautious when receiving unsolicited emails, especially those that request personal information or contain login credentials.


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  1. I received the same combination of emails on 11/10/2023. The username provided in the 1st email matched only one prior login that I have used previously and that was for Probably a third party credit card processsor for a website I purchased something on online. I had a randomized 12 character login for this account. Not sure if someone was trying to reset the account.

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