Shipments free cash back legit or is shipmentsfree com scam?

Jack Sheridan

shipmentsfree com scam
shipmentsfree com scam

Have you ever noticed a monthly charge of around $19 on your bank account or credit card statement? If so, you may be one of many who unwittingly subscribed to ShipmentsFree com. The problem often arises from seemingly innocent advertisements offering "free vouchers" or cashback on purchases, which are actually cleverly disguised membership subscriptions to ShipmentsFree.

Ignoring the Terms and Conditions

The most common reason for falling into the ShipmentsFree trap is failing to read and understand the Terms and Conditions (T&Cs). We cannot stress enough how crucial it is to read these agreements. Whenever you provide your financial information, whether for cashback or any other seemingly enticing offer, remember that just as money goes into your bank account, it can also be deducted.

What Do Those T&Cs Say?

If you're wondering what those T&Cs you skipped over actually say, it's likely something similar to this:

8.5 "Subscription Fees. Smarty may offer you the chance to sign up for a trial period of SmartyPlus and/or ShipmentsFree (each such trial subscription, a 'Trial'). The fees for each service’s Trial and the subscription costs will be disclosed to you when you sign up for SmartyPlus and/or ShipmentsFree. An offer to try SmartyPlus or ShipmentsFree may be shown to you on the next page after you complete your registration of SmartyPlus or ShipmentsFree. Smarty will automatically charge your specified payment method ('Payment Source') for each Trial fee you authorize to be charged and the subscription fee(s) that were disclosed to you for each service you sign up to receive, each month thereafter unless you cancel the Trial(s) before the end of the Trial(s), or before the end of the applicable renewal term. At the end of your Trial, your Payment Source will be automatically charged the monthly subscription fee(s) that you authorize to be charged unless you cancel your Trial(s) before the end of each applicable Trial period. SmartyPlus and ShipmentsFree subscription fees are charged in United States currency."

Did You Give Permission to Subscribe?

Many people claim they didn't subscribe or give permission for ShipmentsFree to charge them. However, if you carefully read the T&Cs, you'll likely discover that you did. The devil often lies in the details. It's essential to review the terms of any trial period, the associated fees, and the automatic subscription that follows unless canceled in time.

How to Cancel ShipmentsFree

If you've found yourself in this predicament, canceling your ShipmentsFree subscription is possible. Here's how, as stated in the T&Cs:

"In order to cancel SmartyPlus and/or ShipmentsFree and avoid future charges to your payment source, you must cancel your subscription in the 'My Account' tab of your account on the Smarty site and also the ShipmentsFree site prior to the date of your next billing cycle or by emailing support@joinsmarty com to cancel SmartyPlus or support@shipmentsfree com to cancel ShipmentsFree. Each service must be canceled separately. For example, if you subscribe to SmartyPlus and ShipmentsFree, and you cancel SmartyPlus, you will continue to incur charges for ShipmentsFree until you cancel ShipmentsFree."


The key lesson here is to be vigilant when engaging with online offers, especially those that seem too good to be true. Always read and understand the Terms and Conditions before providing your financial information. It's not just ShipmentsFree; many subscription-based services use similar tactics. By staying informed and proactive, you can avoid falling victim to hidden subscriptions and unwanted charges.


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