Solitaire Smash Scam: How to avoid these compromised apps

Jack Sheridan

Solitaire Smash Scam
Solitaire Smash Scam

Solitaire Smash pretends to be a simple card game that you can download on your computer or phone. The game tells you that if you clear the card decks, you'll win virtual money, which you can turn into real cash or cool prizes. But here's the catch: lots of players have reported that even when they have a ton of virtual money, they can't actually get any real rewards.

How the Solitaire Smash Scam Works

The Solitaire Smash scam becomes clear when the game asks you to give your personal information, like your name, address, and phone number, to sign up or claim your prizes. Sadly, scammers use this information for bad things like stealing your identity or selling your info to other companies. This can lead to big privacy problems and annoying marketing messages.

How to Keep Yourself Safe from Scams

To protect yourself from scams like Solitaire Smash, you need to be careful and not believe everything you see online. One smart way to do this is by using temporary phone numbers when you have to share your info on the internet.

Temporary phone numbers/email ID's are not connected to your real phone number or your personal info, so even if someone tries to use them for bad stuff, your private info stays safe.


It's important to remember that nobody is going to give you lots of money just for playing games or watching videos. While these games likes Solitaire Smash can be fun, expecting to make big money from them, is usually not real. Also, keep in mind that there are millions of apps out there, and it's impossible for platforms like Google Play to catch all the bad ones. Always read and follow the rules when you're using apps, and be careful about sharing your personal info online.

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