yourgeminiclaims scam - gemini claim scam text

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yourgeminiclaims scam
yourgeminiclaims scam

Recently, many users have reported receiving suspicious text messages claiming to be from Gemini, a well-known cryptocurrency exchange. The text messages state that the recipient's "Gemini Earn balance is now available to withdraw" at a website called ""

Identifying the Scam

Gemini, a reputable cryptocurrency exchange, uses (952) 234-8378 and short code 22395 to communicate with customers through SMS authentication. Any message originating from a different source is a red flag. This means that the text messages claiming to be from Gemini but arriving from an unfamiliar number or shortcode are likely scams.

The Deceptive Website:

The heart of this scam is the website "" This fraudulent website cunningly mimics the authentic Gemini Earn website. Scammers have gone to great lengths to replicate Gemini Earn's design and logo, making it appear genuine at first glance. The objective here is to deceive visitors into believing they are on the real Gemini Earn site.

Suspicious Domain Registration:

One of the most telling signs of a scam is the domain registration information. "" was registered on October 11, 2023. However, it was done so by an anonymous entity using a privacy service to conceal their true identity and location. Legitimate companies typically provide transparent information about their domain registration, which is a major contrast to this fraudulent domain.

Mass Messaging Technique

The scammers behind "" employ a mass messaging technique. They randomly send out text messages to countless recipients, claiming to be from Gemini Earn. This mass outreach is designed to lure unsuspecting individuals into the scam, hoping that some will take the bait.

Protecting Yourself from the Gemini Earn Scam

To protect yourself from scams like these, follow these simple guidelines:

  1. Verify the Source: Always verify the source of a message, especially if it requests sensitive information or financial transactions. If the message doesn't come from a known, trusted source, be cautious.
  2. Check the URL: Pay close attention to the URL of websites you visit. Make sure it matches the official website of the service you're using. In this case, ensure you are on the legitimate Gemini Earn website.
  3. Research Domain Information: Before engaging with any website, research its domain information. Check the registration details and look for any suspicious or anonymous registrations.


Scammers are becoming increasingly crafty in their efforts to deceive individuals and steal their personal and financial information. The Gemini Earn scam, as exemplified by "," is a clear warning sign of the evolving tactics used by fraudsters. By staying informed, vigilant, and following the guidelines mentioned here, you can protect yourself and your assets from such scams.


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