Hot Amigo Heater Review: Is it a Scam or Legit?

Jack Sheridan

Hot Amigo Heater
Hot Amigo Heater

In today's quest for energy-efficient and cost-effective solutions, the Hot Amigo Heater has emerged as a portable convection space heater claiming to provide warmth while using 30% less energy than traditional models. But does it truly live up to the hype? Let's delve into the details.

How Does the Hot Amigo Heater Work?

The Hot Amigo Heater is marketed as small, lightweight, and quiet, distinguishing itself from other noisy portable heaters. It boasts a 900W ceramic technology for an immediate heat surge, an intelligent thermostat that switches off when the room reaches the desired temperature, and a flame-retardant shell for safety. Two significant features highlighted are its energy-saving function and auto shut-off safety feature.

The energy-saving function aims to reduce electricity costs, but the 900 watts of power is lower than most home space heaters, which may limit its effectiveness. The auto shut-off safety feature is essential due to the fire risks associated with portable space heaters.

Is the Hot Amigo Heater Legitimate?

Unfortunately, the Hot Amigo Heater falls short of its lofty claims. It is important to note that there are several similar space heaters available from different sellers. Many of these companies purchase inexpensive heaters from overseas, rebrand them, and sell them at higher prices. Unbranded versions of the Hot Amigo Heater can be found for much less on platforms like Alibaba.

Generic unbranded heater
( Generic unbranded heater identical to the Hot Amigo Heater sold on Aliexpress and priced much lower )

Moreover, customer reviews on the Hot Amigo Heater's website are positive, but this positivity is notably absent from their social media pages. In fact, the few reviews on their Facebook page are overwhelmingly negative. Common complaints include inadequate heating, difficulties with order cancellations, high restocking fees, and misleading advertising.

Customer Service and Return Policy

Hot Amigo Heater's customer service contact is provided as ZPS COMMERCE, Ltd, with an email address. The company offers a generous 90-day return policy. However, the lack of information about the product and company's reputation makes it challenging to confirm if they honor this policy. They do not have a BBB or other commercial profile.

Cost and Price Plans

The Hot Amigo Heater is initially priced at $59.90, but their website offers discounts for ordering multiple units, along with pop-up discounts. The final price for a single unit can be reduced to $42.46.

The Bottom Line

While the idea of an energy-saving household heater is appealing, the Hot Amigo Heater may not be the solution it claims to be. It often falls short in terms of performance, and the customer service is lacking. Cheap, generic heaters from lesser-known companies may pose safety risks and lead to future hassles.

In the world of space heaters, it's safer to stick with established brands with a history of reliable products. The promise of energy efficiency should not come at the expense of safety and effectiveness. Be cautious when considering the Hot Amigo Heater or similar products, and prioritize your safety and comfort.

If you've had experience with the Hot Amigo Heater, we encourage you to share your reviews below to help others make informed decisions.


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  1. iv just bought the hot amigo heater my alogen heater dosnt let out more heat and this seems to be posative

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