GS Tech 24 Scam: Unraveling the GS Tech 24 Invoice Email Scam

Jack Sheridan

GS Tech 24 Invoice Email Scam
GS Tech 24 Invoice Email Scam

In recent days, a concerning email scam has been circulating, targeting numerous users and alarming them about a substantial deduction from their accounts. This article aims to shed light on the GS Tech 24 scam, specifically the deceptive GS Tech 24 invoice email scam that has left many recipients puzzled and worried about their financial security.


Many users have reported receiving an email claiming a successful purchase for the renewal of Geek Squad Secure Service, along with an auto-charge of $987USD against their account. The email asserts that the user had selected an auto-renewal plan, activating a service covering device repair/replacement, online support through the Geek Squad Team, and more. To add a layer of legitimacy, the email provides detailed information, including an Invoice ID (WF47_TH906), product name (Geek Squad Auto Renewal), purchase date (20 Dec 2023), and expiration after 3 years.

However, it's crucial to note that this email is part of a scam orchestrated by a fraudulent entity masquerading as GS Tech 24. The intention is to deceive users into believing that they have made a legitimate purchase and to extract sensitive information or funds from them.

Avoiding Scam

Verify Legitimacy: Legitimate companies typically provide clear communication and ensure that customers are well-informed about their transactions. Verify such emails by directly contacting the official customer support channels of the purported company.

Check for Red Flags: Scam emails often contain red flags, such as grammatical errors, unprofessional language, or suspicious contact information. In this case, the email encourages users to contact "+1 (8 0 0) – 306 – 2981," which may not be a genuine support line.

Avoid Clicking on Links: Refrain from clicking on any links or downloading attachments from suspicious emails. These may lead to phishing websites or malware installation.

Contact Your Bank: If you suspect a scam, contact your bank immediately to report the incident and take necessary precautions to secure your account.


In the digital age, staying vigilant against scams is imperative to safeguard personal and financial information. The GS Tech 24 scam, particularly the email invoice scam, serves as a reminder for users to be cautious, verify communications, and report any suspicious activity promptly. By following these precautions, users can protect themselves from falling victim to fraudulent schemes and maintain a secure online presence.

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