just strong ambassador Instagram collab | is just strong ambassador scam

Jack Sheridan

just strong ambassador scam
just strong ambassador scam

Many users have received DM from an Instagram page just strong Official regarding collaboration deals. So if you are wondering if it is a scam or legitimate, check out the below red flags.

“Free Product” in exchange for shipping

These offers can be enticing because they seem like a great deal, you get a product for free and all you have to pay is a small shipping fee.  But what many people don't realize is that the shipping fee is often much higher than it should be. This is because the company is trying to make up for the cost of the product.

These offers can also be a way for companies to clear out old or outdated inventory, they'll offer the product for free and then charge you an exorbitant shipping fee, this way they can get rid of their Old Stock.

They offer collaboration immediately

Many times, these companies offering you an collaboration immediately, if you agree to buy a certain products first. products may be offered on discount or as free plus shipping.

They’re reaching out in the comments/DMs

Many times, these companies use bot's to reach out to practically every micro-influencers account through comments/DMs.

They have different Instagram accounts directing you back to one official account

Many times these companies use bot's to reach out to practically every micro-influencers account, for this purpose they create multiple Instagram accounts


In conclusion, just strong ambassador Instagram collab is a scam, identifying and avoiding fake collabs on social media is essential to protect yourself as a consumer. If you notice any of these red flags mentioned above in a collaboration deal, it could not be a legitimate deal. 


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