workwithshein.lpages co review: Why This Shein Tester Program is a Scam

Jack Sheridan

sheingivesback scam
sheingivesback scam is a website that claims to offer users the opportunity to become shein product testers. The website states that it is a platform that connects shein with product testers, allowing users to test products for free or at a discounted price in exchange for a review.

Is workwithshein lpages co a scam or is workwithshein lpages co legit?

Upon reviewing, we found several red flags that suggest it might be a scam. Firstly, the website lacks transparency regarding its ownership and contact details. Additionally, the website's testimonials and reviews seem to be fake as they lack authenticity and are overly positive.

Another red flag is the fact that the website has no links to other pages or websites. A legitimate website would typically have links to pages such as “About Us,” “Contact Us,” and “Privacy Policy.” However, has no such links, which is highly unusual and suggests that the website is not a legitimate one. Furthermore, the website's domain age is relatively young, which raises concerns about its legitimacy. 

Therefore, we recommend that users exercise caution when dealing with and conduct thorough research before signing up or providing any personal information.


In conclusion, is a scam website, that claims to offer shein product testing opportunities but upon review, we found several red flags that suggest it might be a scam. When looking to participate in any online activity that involves providing personal information, it is essential to watch out for scam websites. Always check the website's domain age, contact details, reputation, reviews and testimonials, and trust badges before engaging with it.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this blog post is based on an analysis conducted at the time of writing. If you discover any information afterwards that differs from this blog post, it signifies that this online retailer has modified some information.

Shein gives back Scam

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