brick lady scam - Brick Lady's GoFundMe Scam Exposed

Jack Sheridan

The recent revelation of the "Brick Lady" has sent shockwaves through the online community, exposing a web of lies and deceit that left many well-intentioned donors feeling betrayed.

The Deception Unveiled

The core of the scandal revolves around the "Brick Lady" who claimed to be a victim of a violent assault, alleging that black men had hit her in the face with a brick. However, as investigations unfolded, it became evident that her narrative was nothing more than a carefully crafted facade. The video that circulated, aiming to evoke sympathy, was a key element in her elaborate scam.

Fabricated Assault and the Gender War

At the heart of the "Brick Lady's" deception was a sinister motive – to spark a gender war within the black community. Her false claims implicated black men, causing tension and discord. The video, strategically designed to manipulate emotions, played a crucial role in sowing the seeds of division.

The GoFundMe Scam

To supplement her fabricated story, the "Brick Lady" launched a fraudulent GoFundMe campaign, preying on the generosity of unsuspecting donors. The purpose was clear – to exploit the goodwill of those who believed her harrowing tale and were willing to contribute financially to support her recovery.

The Unraveling Truth

As the investigation deepened, it became apparent that the "Brick Lady" had not actually been assaulted. The injuries she claimed were inconsistent with the alleged attack – a revelation that shattered the credibility of her entire narrative. It was later discovered that the injuries were likely the result of an unrelated allergic reaction.

Collaborative Scams

The saga did not end with the "Brick Lady" alone. Collaborating with individuals like Carly Russell and Rob Bash, the trio orchestrated a series of scams, including fake kidnapping and assault videos. Their fraudulent endeavors, including the deceptive GoFundMe campaign, amassed a staggering $46,000, further highlighting the extent of their deceit.


The "Brick Lady" saga serves as a stark reminder to exercise caution and due diligence when engaging with online fundraisers. While the vast majority are genuine, instances like these underscore the need for scrutiny. In a digital age where empathy can be weaponized, it is crucial to verify the authenticity of compelling stories before becoming unwitting participants in elaborate scams.


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