mrbeastgiftscardz com Scam - Fake MrBeast Giveaway

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mrbeastgiftscardz com scam
mrbeastgiftscardz com scam

Online scams have become more sophisticated than ever, and people can fall prey to them without even realizing it. One such scam that is making rounds on the internet is the mrbeastgiftscardz scam. It is a fake giveaway that claims to be hosted by MrBeast, a popular YouTube personality known for his philanthropy and giveaways.

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What is the mrbeastgiftscardz com scam?

The mrbeastgiftscardz com scam is a fake giveaway that claims to be hosted by MrBeast. The scam lures people into believing that they can win various gift cards, but in reality, it is a ploy to steal personal information or money.

How does the mrbeastgiftscardz scam work?

The website promises visitors a chance to win various gift cards in exchange for completing a series of tasks. When visitors click on the “CLAIM REWARD” button, they are redirected to the website, in which visitors have to complete tasks to earn rewards, that being said it's always important to read the terms and conditions before signing up for any rewards platform a lot of people will skip the fine print.

They have clearly mentioned that, some of the deals are free while many require a purchase to complete. level refers to a group of deals and each level requires you to

complete a certain number of deals to progress to the next level, so that means in order to level up or get the reward, you need to purchase some products or subscribe to certain Services. next they have clearly mentioned that they will share or sell your information with their vendors marketing Partners or other third parties which means you signed up to have your information brokered and sent to thousands of different companies that will take these info's and Target you with robocalls or text messages. 

Furthermore, even if visitors manage to complete the required number of deals, there is no guarantee that they will actually receive the promised reward. The website states that visitors must complete an ID verification process, which typically takes 5-7 days to verify and deliver the reward. However, there are many reports of people completing the required tasks and never receiving their rewards.

Red Flags of mrbeastgiftscardz com

  • Unrealistic promises: The scam promises users an unrealistic gift cards for completing a few simple tasks.
  • Suspicious URLs: The URL of the website uses Beast in it.
  • Requests for personal information: The giveaway may ask for personal information, such as the email address, address, phone number, or credit card information.


In summary, the mrbeastgiftscardz com scam appears to be designed to trick visitors into completing surveys, signing up for services, and purchasing products in exchange for a reward that is either fake or doesn’t exist. Visitors should be wary of any website that promises easy money or rewards, especially if they are required to provide personal information or make purchases in order to claim those rewards.

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