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Welcome to Cyberbunkers, your go-to resource for unveiling the hidden dangers lurking in the online world. I'm Jack Sheridan, the mind behind the mission, dedicated to shielding you from the perils of scams such as fraud, phishing, and more.

Our Story: Unmasking Cyber Threats

In 2019, I embarked on a digital journey, encountering a multitude of scams that threatened the online community. Witnessing the surge in online scams during the global lockdown, I committed myself to research and actively combat scams since 2019. This led to the birth of Cyberbunkers, where I document and expose deceptive practices, ranging from shopping scams to investment schemes.

Our Expertise: Fighting Back Since 2019

Having delved deep into the online realm, I uncovered various scams, from misleading text messages to deceitful online stores. Motivated by a desire to protect others, Cyberbunkers became a haven for unveiling scams that prey on unsuspecting consumers.

Our Motto: Exposing Scams, Protecting Consumers

At Cyberbunkers, our primary goal is to expose scams. Through meticulous analysis of scam websites, we empower consumers to safeguard their hard-earned money from cyber thieves. Every month, we assist tens of thousands of individuals in preventing online scams.

How We Operate: Authenticity and Thorough Research

Our reviews and content are authentic and original, setting us apart from copycat websites. Committed to quality, we conduct thorough research, utilizing a combination of advanced scam detection tools and real human insight. Sometimes, We make actual purchases to test online platforms when necessary.

Identifying Scams

We employ a multi-faceted approach to identify scams. From monitoring social media ads to scrutinizing details like blacklist status, domain age, and trust score, we leave no stone unturned. Our in-depth investigations include evaluating company information, parent company names, and even making purchases to test the legitimacy of online stores.

Not the pioneer, but the Trend Setter in Scam Detection

Cyberbunkers set the standard for authenticity and accuracy. Our team, armed with advanced scam detection tools, identifies patterns in scam sites, providing a benchmark for others to follow. From similar parent company names to shared addresses, we stay ahead of the curve.

Meet Our Team

Jack Sheridan is a pseudonym, chosen to protect my identity as I delve into the depths of uncovering cyber criminals. Due to the nature of my journalistic work uncovering cyber criminals, I prefer not to use my real identity. Actively fighting online scams since 2019, and helps ten of thousands of people each month prevent being scammed online . Join us at Cyberbunkers as we continue to expose scams and empower users in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

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